Summer-ready with BMW’s new M550i

Highway 417 from Ottawa to Montreal is about as boring as they come. Long straights flanked by fallow farm fields and few trees. Only speed cures the boredom. Luckily, our 2018 BMW M550i XDrive is a very fast car.

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Evolution of Excellence

Porsche aficionado Hartmut de Witt takes a spin in a 2017 911 C4 GTS and discovers some things never change By Derek McNaughton Hartmut de Witt, the only owner of this Porsche since it rolled off the factory floor in Stuttgart, Germany in 1969, doesn’t mind the mess. He is, after all, 88 years old...

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Out of the shadows

The 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster takes open-top motoring to a higher plateau By Derek McNaughton Scottsdale, Arizona Convertibles always require compromises. When a car company takes one of its coupes and shears off the structural support of a roof, the engineering challenges mount. There’s also...

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