How To Pull The Wool Over COVID: Luxuries Worth Staying Home For


As the coronavirus has continued to run amok, I’ve devised a personal Keep Out, COVID! plan to stop its havoc at your entrance.

Polishing an Historic Gem in Sandy Hill

For over 40 years, Nat and Louise Polito have called Sandy Hill their home.


From vintage fashions to yesteryear diversions, nostalgia is on trend.


Freud, Meet Fashion

Neuropsychologist and social media influencer Mary Marquardt is empowering women, one stylish Instagram post at a time.


Flourishing Uncaged

When fashion and art collide Emerging women’s wear fashion designer Karissa Besharah mixes fashion and art by creating an interesting take on what is referred to as wearable clothing. For Karissa, inspiration can come from the smallest of places. Her avant-garde haute couture art piece, named Flourishing Uncaged, was inspired by a pair of shoes.

Culinary jewel in the woods

Jean-Claude Chartrand serves honest French fare with a twist at L’Orée du Bois By Hattie Klotz Photography by Brittany Gawley When chef Jean-Claude Chartrand bought the esteemed Old Chelsea restaurant L’Orée du Bois five years ago, he didn’t tell a soul. “When things are going well, don’t change it,” he thought to himself. “You don’t

People to Watch

Substance and the best soirées—Blackbook Lifestyle By Pam Dillon Stepping from the bright late-afternoon bustle of downtown Ottawa into the calm cool opulence of Zoé’s Lounge at the Chateau Laurier is an unmistakable step up. A glance around reveals the gleam of chandeliers, the purr and clink of a bartender mixing libations behind a marble

Hats on for the Sport of Kings

There’ll be excitement on the field and off at Polo in the Park Ottawa, slated for Saturday, July 7, at Wesley Clover Parks.

The Great Escape

Hurst Marina is a one-stop destination for all your boating needs By Patrick Langston Do you know what “coving” means? If so, you’re likely a veteran boater. If not, it’s the trending practice of boats tying up closely together in a cove so that everyone can swim, socialize and carry on in the fraternal way

What’s Between the Covers

Whether you gobble them up or give them as gifts, these new books will whisk you away as you shelter in place. By Hattie Klotz As the weather closes in and the holiday season beckons, I get a strong urge to curl up fireside with a tottering pile of books, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones


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