There She Glows


Whether she’s on the runway or in the hallway at the Château Laurier, Herieth Paul shines.
By Pam Dillon
Photography by Kathi Robertson & Michael Lucy

On a Sunday afternoon, Herieth Paul’s impossibly long, beautiful legs are flopped over the side of a chair in the presidential suite at Ottawa’s Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel. Her feet are bare and her smile is dazzling.


Sunshine and Sizzle in Magic City

By Chris Wilson

Canadians flock to Florida all the time (looking at you, snowbirds and spring breakers), but Miami? It’s a different trip entirely. Long an international destination for the well-heeled (in exquisitely crafted footwear with shiny, red-lacquered soles), this famous coastal oasis is another world. Swanky. Glamorous. Dazzlingly cosmopolitan, with a backdrop of legendary beaches and tropical breezes. The warmth, opulence, world-famous architecture, much-buzzed-about cuisine and incredible attractions will ensure you’re endlessly captivated. I am—every time I go.



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