Tag - Spring 2018

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Into the wild

Yukon offers everything you need for a sense of adventure Photo essay by Miv Fournier For many people, Yukon represents the end of the world, with its pure, natural, untouched wilderness stretching all the way to the Arctic Circle. And they’re right. Natural, mysterious and unforgettable. Decades...

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Summer-ready with BMW’s new M550i

Highway 417 from Ottawa to Montreal is about as boring as they come. Long straights flanked by fallow farm fields and few trees. Only speed cures the boredom. Luckily, our 2018 BMW M550i XDrive is a very fast car.

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Jordan’s riches

Who would have thought I would be wandering on the same grains of sand as past kings that once ruled over an Arabian oasis. There I was, on camelback, slowly passing majestic canyons in the Jordan desert all the while making my way towards an epic sunrise. A tapestry of jewel gold, fall-like...

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