Personal Vision and TWIGGY VIBES

Photos by Elen Marti

Ruff Sophistication: This lacy confection is a modern iteration of the Elizabethan collar. The 16th-century version was a luxury item and status symbol. Today’s take is an eye-catching fashion statement. 

In today’s selfie culture—filtered, retouched and edited to unrealistic perfection, there’s power in celebrating individuality. Former model Elen Marti knows all about it. That’s why, as a photographer, she’s using her camera to draw attention to uniqueness.

When model Rachel Dickson isn’t posing for the camera, she’s studying for a degree in communications and public relations

Elen has her sights set on becoming one of the best editorial photographers in Canada. “I am also a fashion enthusiast, and therefore I style all the models I work with,” says the local mother of two boys, who are nine and 11. “I rarely follow fashion trends. I have my own style, ranging from dresses to tomboy-style outfits.”

Rachel Dickson’s unique beauty and colouring inspired the fashion shoot.

For this fashion spread, Elen was inspired by the looks and style of model Rachel Dickson. When Rachel isn’t posing, she’s working toward a degree in communications and public relations. In front of Elen’s camera, though, she artfully communicates the appeal of uncommon beauty.

A chic black beret puts a distinctive new spin on this fashion look.

Elen was captivated by Rachel’s “unique and extraordinary look; her doll eyes and stunning freckles [conveying] iconic Twiggy vibes, and her fascinating hair reminding me of some Victorian-era paintings.”

Model Rachel Dickson’s hair colour reminded the photographer of Victorian-era paintings

The photographer and model did this fashion shoot at Lenz Studio in Nepean, where Elen was working at the time. “We had the studio freshly renovated so I decided to take some photos in one of my favorite sets.”

The message? “I want people and especially young girls to know that they are unique and beautiful on their own,” says the ex-model behind the camera. “Social media has made everyone obsessed with changing themselves through plastic surgery and fillers in order to look picture-perfect or look like someone else. But unfortunately, this way people start losing their identity and uniqueness, which I so like to show in my photography.”


Unique and Beloved
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