Serenity here & now

Why waste time trying to get away from it all when you can have it all in your own backyard?

There are few luxuries more valued than time. Time to unwind, entertain, let loose, read a book, or sit back, close your eyes and drink in the sensory delights of an uncluttered summer evening. Time for life’s pleasures is covetable. All too often, though, it’s spent loading a vehicle and travelling an hour or two in pursuit of serenity that comes with a dock (and a To Do list) attached.

An outdoor paradise is yours for the making—and situating—a few steps past your rear door. From ponds and pergolas to fountains and fireplaces, there are captivating possibilities to elevate your lifestyle right where you are, while also enhancing your property.

What is your idea of summer bliss? A leisurely swim at the end of the day? A little practice on your putting green? A cool drink as you sit by the fire? It might also involve barbecues, pool parties, or casual gatherings of family and friends. Let your lifestyle priorities serve as the impetus for action, then seek out the best experts to conceptualize and execute a project that checks off the boxes on your personal bucket list.

A meticulous custom landscape design will not only maximize the potential of your outdoor space, it will uniquely suit you and inspire you to linger in the fresh air. Factor in cutting-edge functionality and top-quality, technologically advanced materials, from lighting and power sources to fabrics and appliances, and you’ll have the flexibility to enjoy your time no matter how or when you want to use it. By all means, make sure the seating is ultra comfortable, the kitchen has all the gourmet accouterments and the cabana boasts an outdoor shower.

But don’t forget aesthetics and ambience. Not only should your backyard oasis complement and enhance existing architecture, it should be as inviting to view from the inside of your home as it is to use. Fittingly, nature’s elements—earth, water and fire—are often focal points in open-air sanctuaries.

Carefully selected greenery, water-based amenities and fire features invite relaxation and connection to the landscape. The style, however, is up to you. Whether it be refined, rustic, modern, or whimsical, your own oasis is sure to usher in halcyon times with no trip required.