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A maestro of fashion moments and fashion statements, James Jefferson showcases some of his “quirky, out-there masks” in the elegant environs of the Fairmont Château Laurier.

Photos by James Park Photography

James Jefferson is well known as creative director and co-owner, along with Daniel Mackinnon, of Blackbook Lifestyle, the city’s top lifestyle marketing and events agency, He turns heads all on his own, though.

As a maestro of fashion moments and fashion statements, the ever-fabulous fashion designer has taken our notion of masks—those government-mandated, protective face coverings—and catapulted it to next-level high art and high camp.

Asked about his inspiration, he says, “I’ve always had a love of fashion, and face masks are a great way to introduce a new accessory to the mix!” About the prestigious setting he’s chosen to present them, he adds, “The Château Laurier is such a beautiful, classic space; I thought it would be a lot of fun to highlight the elegance of the hotel, with some quirky, out-there masks.”

James has had masks made with different fabrics and embellishments for every occasion and season, “while being sure to coordinate with my current collection of shoes and bags.”
As for his mask collection? There are 250 different looks, and the mix includes “custom-made, store-bought, and others that I’ve made and embellished myself. Since I’m usually dressed in all black, the more outrageous the masks are, the better.”
“The more outrageous the masks are, the better,” James declares.
There are 250 different looks in James’s fabulous collection of masks.